5 Things to Note About Indoor Air Quality

When you work in the heating and air conditioning industry, your main focus is always on the temperature aspect of the business, right? Wrong! The quality of your indoor air is just as important.

Poor indoor air quality can lead to numerous detriments to your home, including discomfort, stagnant air, poor temperature control…the list goes on and on!

Keep the allergens of blooming flowers and grass at bay by making indoor air quality a top priority.

Here are five things to keep in mind about indoor air quality…

  1. Filters

    The most important thing you can do to keep your system (and your family) healthy is to regularly change filters. Don’t wait until it’s so dirty that problems start to arise, it may be too late! Most units have filters that homeowners can change (if you don’t have to venture into your air handler or gas furnace).Make it easy to remember by setting two reminders in your phone – once before the heating season (spring) and again before the cooling season (fall).

  2. Air Purification

    Did you know that many homes are plagued by “dirty sock syndrome?” This means that mildew has grown onto your evaporator coil, causing unpleasant odors to permeate throughout your home. Prevent your home from smelling socky by investing in UV light purifying systems and scheduling a regular coil cleaning with an HVAC technician.

  3. Dust

    Do you dust more than 1-2 times per week? If so, you may need to change your filter! Stop the constant cleaning by heading to the nearest hardware store to pick up a new filter.

  4. Open Windows

    While open curtains are beneficial to your home, open windows may actually do more harm then good. While they do allow for fresh air to enter your home, they also let unfiltered, untreated air in, too. Avoid unnecessarily aggravating your allergies by keeping windows closed, keeping out unwanted dust, dirt and allergens from settling on your indoor surfaces.

  5. IAQ Products

    Did you know that many homes’ indoor air quality is worse than the quality of the air outside? This can be attributed to the inorganic matter that we put into the air, like cleaning supplies, and chemical air fresheners. These types of products actually lower the quality of your indoor air. Prevent your air quality from suffering by installing superior indoor air products.

If you have questions about the quality of air inside your home or if you think it may be time for a maintenance appoinment, let us know!