4 Ways to Avoid Using Your Air Conditioner

ceiling fan, staying cool in summer, ac alternatives

ceiling fan, staying cool in summer, ac alternativesWhen it’s warm out, it’s tempting to use your air conditioner in your home all the time.  But even with the most efficient of AC units, that can leave you with some expensive utility bills.  Here are some ways to keep your air conditioner off, but still keep as cool as possible.

Keep Windows Closed During the Day

This might seem counter-intuitive, but keeping your windows closed will keep your house much cooler than keeping your windows open.  If all your windows are open, your home will adjust to the outside temperature.  If it’s 90 outside, it will be 90 inside.  Keeping the shut will keep the cool air in from the night and will keep the heat from warming up your home during the day.

Keep Windows Covered During the Day

Keeping your windows covered is just as important as keeping them closed.  Close your blinds, curtains or shutters to keep the sun out.  If you don’t cover your windows, the sun will heat up the inside of your home with a greenhouse effect, potentially making it warmer in your home than it is outside.  With that said, if you want to keep some windows open, be sure no sun is directly hitting that window.

Use Fans

Fans help circulate air, which can help you stay cooler. Ceiling fans are great for creating what feels like a slight breeze in your home.  If your windows are closed, having a fan or two on can keep the air in your home being stagnant.  However, use your fans selectively.  Don’t simply turn on all the fans in your home.  Doing this will cost you money and counteract the savings you are trying to gain by keeping your AC off.  Instead, use a fan or two just in the room you are in.  If you move rooms, be sure to turn off the fans in the room you are no longer using.

Keep the Stove Off

If at all possible, keep your stove off.  Your stove will act as a heater and warm up your home very fast, negating all the hard work you are putting in to keep your home cool without turning your AC on.  Instead, use a microwave, toaster or toaster oven if you need to heat something up.  Using the stovetop is ok in short bursts – just avoid dishes that require extended periods of heating, like soups or stews.

While the only way to keep your home perfectly cool during warm days is by using your air conditioner, using these tips can help you stay cooler and keep the utility bills down.  If you need help staying cool and comfortable during the summer, please call us at 800-994-2577.  We can help you figure out how to stay cool and save money when it’s warm.