4 Simple Home Insulation Strategies that Save Money

Spring is here. For many customers, this is a popular time of year to save on energy bills by opening windows instead of running your air conditioner. While you are enjoying the mild, comfortable temperatures, don’t forget to evaluate your home’s insulation and heat protection systems. Even a top-of-the-line energy efficient HVAC unit can become ineffective if you struggle to keep the heat out of your home. Take the time to inspect your new or aging home for proper insulation before summer arrives. Here are some easy fixes to keep the heat out without breaking the bank:

Apply Solar Screens and Film

During extreme heat or cold weather, your windows may act as an energy-draining culprit by allowing light to enter your home. Although not 100 percent effective in reducing heating transfer, the installation of storm doors and double-paned glass windows can help. You can easily and inexpensively improve your home’s insulation by applying a heat resistant film to windows or by installing solar screens to help filter out he heat.

Check for Drafts and Leaks

Drafty homes are quick to drive up cooling costs by allowing hot air an easy entrance to your home. Inspect your home by feeling around windows and doors for gaps that bring hot air into your home. Use an incense stick and follow the smoke trail to see if it gets caught in any drafts.

Close the Curtains and Shades

Block out the sun’s hot rays by closing your curtains, blinds or shades. This simple fix will prevent heat from transferring into your home from your windows during the hottest part of the day. Closing curtains or shades on the sun-facing sides of your home will help to keep the heat out.

Utilize Shade from Trees

Many of us forget about the importance of landscaping when it comes to saving energy. Planting trees in your yard will help provide shade to your roof and windows to keep your home cooler in the summer months.

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