3 Home Cooling Myths Every Alps Customer Should Avoid

We know the answer to this question, but we’re asking it anyway. What is your least favorite part about summertime? The most popular answer from Alps customers is skyrocketing energy bills. While there are lots of tips and tricks out there to conserve energy and save money, sometimes things seem too good to be true. Stop getting suckered into believing popular HVAC myths and urban legends your read online.

Here are three common HVAC myths you should avoid if you want to save money this summer:

Myth #1: Dialing down the temperature will cool your home quickly

Adjusting your temperature really low will not cool your home any faster. Your unit operates at one speed until it reached the programmed temperature. Instead of turning your home into a walk-in freezer, the only thing you’ll freeze is your bank account when you get hit with high energy bill.

Myth #2: Larger units always cool your home more efficiently

Believe it or not, size actually matters when it comes to air conditioning units. For example, if your unit is too small for your home, it will not heat or cool your home properly. In addition, you may end up wasting energy and money if your unit isn’t the right fit for your home.

Myth #3: Fans can reduce the temperature of a room

Fans do not reduce the temperature of a room. They simply circulate air around the room to create the illusion of a cooler air. In fact, turning off the fans and powering down other unnecessary electronics are simple ways to conserve energy and save on your utility bills.

You’re not alone when it comes to wasting your hard-earned money on the latest HVAC myth trending on the internet. Instead, try investing your money in seasonal maintenance to prevent costly issues down the road. Not only can you prolong the life of your unit, but you can also keep more cash in your pocket

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