3 Air Conditioning Myths Refuted in Time for Summer

As summer arrives with brutally hot temperatures, we begin to rely heavily on air conditioning. With 90-degree days looming on the horizon, we understand the importance of ensuring your home remains comfortable without breaking your budget. Here are some refuted air conditioning myths that will help keep cool air in your home and more money in your pocket:

Your home will cool faster by lowering the thermostat

Most central air conditioning units are designed to keep your home approximately 20 degrees cooler than the temperature outside. In addition, many units are configured with a single fan that facilitates warm air at a set speed. This means that even if you adjust the temperature to 52 degrees when your desired goal temperature is 74 degrees, your home will not cool any faster. Not only does this practice waste energy, but it costs more money if you forget to adjust the thermostat once your home cools to your desired temperature.

Running the A/C all day is more efficient than re-cooling your home later

Who doesn’t want to return from work to a cool home? Although it sounds tempting this is wasting energy and money when you are away. In addition, it may cause additional wear and tear to your A/C condenser, which is working constantly. Save energy and money by purchasing a smart thermostat, which learns your preferences and habits and will adjust the temperature in your home accordingly.

Closing registers and vents will improve HVAC efficiency

This statement is false unless your home is divided into separate HVAC zones. In fact, most builders design houses to dispense air evenly throughout the entire home. This means that closing a register will not change the way that air is being delivered to that room, or cool other areas of your home more than others. Simply put, by closing a register you are spending money to cool the inside of your ductwork; not the rooms in your home. Consider installing a ductless mini-split air conditioner to cool only specific rooms in your home.

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