Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with Window Treatments

Window treatments can add color and style to your home, while preserving energy efficiency. Many homeowners have found that strategically using window treatments can boost their household energy efficiency savings.

Use these tips to save money, while being a friend to the environment.

Functional Fabric

No matter what season you are in, comfort is always important. Choosing the right fabric for drapes can help reduce the heat of summer days and the cold of harsh winter nights.

One of our favorite tips is to find drapes that have a light-colored material facing out and a white plastic backing. This type of design will reflect more sunlight, which will help keep the heat out during the dog days of summer. Make sure there is little to no gap in the center when closed and that the fabric is flush with the floor and surrounding walls.

During the winter months, keep your drapes open. You can utilize the daytime heat by opening drapes on sun-facing windows.

Shades & Shutters

Many homeowners don’t want to go through the process of finding a fabric and matching it to their décor. If you want to avoid becoming a part-time interior designer, consider blinds, shades or shutters to improve your home’s efficiency.

Although shades & shutters cannot completely block out the sun, they are still a great way to cool your home, and give your A/C a break during the day. An added bonus, that you won’t get with drapes, is being able to adjust blinds to your preferred level of light.

Our favorite tip for blinds is to find a reversible option– light on one side and dark on the other. The light side can deflect heat in the in the summer and the dark side will absorb heat in the winter.

Add an Awning

Don’t forget that the exterior of your home could also benefit from more energy efficiency. Adding an awning will provide energy-saving shade and a can give your home a fresh look. To best combat the heat of the sun, install awnings on the south and west-facing windows of your home.

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