Will Air Conditioning Remove Home Humidity?

Summer has arrived. Along with the warm weather comes the sticky humid air that makes being outdoors so uncomfortable. While some regions in the U.S. enjoy dry summer air, a rainstorm or cloudy day can change that quickly. The problem with humidity is it can follow you indoors. Without the right cooling system installed, being at home can be as uncomfortable as walking down the street. Air conditioners play a big role in helping you control the damp air. However, keeping your family surrounded by cold, comfortable temperatures requires more than a great AC system.

What Is Humidity?

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. Water vapor is a gas and not a liquid. In dry climates, humidity levels are typically low. In environments near coastlines and open water, humidity levels are much higher. Cloud cover and dense vegetation can hold water vapor in and cause humidity levels to stay high.

Why Is Removing Humidity Important?

Managing your health and comfort are important reasons to address humidity. While it’s true humidity serves a purpose, it can also be troublesome. The dampness causes you to sweat, which is essential to helping the body eliminate waste and regulate its internal temperature. However, excessive temperatures combined with high humidity can cause breathing problems, heatstroke, and other threatening maladies. Your indoor air shouldn’t harbor these problems.

Enhancing the air you breathe inside your home is an essential task for any homeowner. Living inside a home where humidity is high and family members are affected by allergies and health issues can be dangerous. When you want to choose the best equipment to control indoor humidity in Anaheim, the experts at Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can help. We can conduct an indoor air quality assessment for your home.

How Does AC Reduce Humidity?

The purpose of the air conditioner is to cool the air. The removal of humidity is a side effect of that process. By blowing refrigerated air into your rooms, hot, humid air is automatically transformed. It’s not magic. Instead, the evaporator coil that’s part of your equipment is absorbing the unwanted heat through the use of a refrigerant. The refrigerant makes the coil cold. A blower fan pulls the hot air over the coil, and the coil absorbs and evaporates the heat.

At the same time, the hot air passing over the coil will also have water vapor in it. As it hits the coil, the vapor condenses into its liquid form, which is water. The water drips down into the condensate pan or drip tray sitting below the coil.

What’s the Best Product for Humidity Control?

As you can tell, your air conditioning system isn’t designed to get rid of humidity. However, it is a helpful tool for reducing it. A dehumidifier is an ideal product to add to your current system. Whole-home dehumidifiers add an important layer to the way you’re addressing indoor air quality. High humidity can cause molds to grow, mildew to take over and dust mites to multiply. A dehumidifier is designed specifically to address these issues.

Dehumidifiers in the whole-house category can include specific models for dehumidifying a crawl space or basement. Some are mounted on casters for easy placement. A whole-house model can be attached near the AC or in a convenient location along the ducting system. The latest technologies allow the equipment to be programmed to turn on when humidity reaches a certain level. Place the unit over a drain, and it can operate without supervision.

The Role of Seasonal Maintenance

Maintenance is required if you intend to keep any air conditioner or humidity control device in good condition. Preparing your AC system for summer weather includes verifying the condition of the condensate drain and coil. A qualified technician will clean away buildup, check for leaks and test the whole setup. This removes potential clogs and damage. You can see how important this process is to prevent system failures and costly repairs.

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