Why Is My Heating System Making a Loud Noise?

The reason your heating system making a loud noise can be one of several possible causes. Also, be aware that there are different types of strange sounds your heating system can make, including rattling, banging, screeching, and squealing. The type of sound lends insight into what’s wrong, but you’ll still need a trained repair technician to diagnose the noise.


Rattling may mean something inside your heating system is coming loose. If it sounds more like a thwapping sound, debris could be inside the blower or the housing. When rattling is ignored, the loose part will eventually disconnect or break. Repairs may be more expensive once a part has broken or disconnected. Other possible reasons behind rattling are the blower falling out of alignment and faulty motor bearings.


You have something broken or disconnected in the heating system if it’s making loud banging sounds. Turn off the heater and contact a repair company. You risk extensive damage to the system trying to operate when a part is broken or disconnected. Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. offers emergency heating repairs for residents in Anaheim, CA, and surrounding areas if you’re experiencing this problem.

Screeching, Squealing, or Scraping

Screeching and squealing sounds can be as simple as the moving components needing lubrication. Lubricating moving parts is a task included with annual preventative heating maintenance. You can prevent heating problems from occurring by scheduling maintenance for your heating system every year. A squealing sound may also indicate a belt needs to be changed, which is usually a cheap repair. Once the belt breaks or disconnects, however, you can be looking at more expensive repairs due to the additional damage it causes your system.

Scraping noises can be a serious problem, so don’t just assume it’s because your heater needs lubrication. Metals could be scraping against each other inside the system, which will cause severe damage to the system.

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