Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Breathing clean, fresh air is important. This not only applies to outdoor air pollution but also the air you breathe indoors. In fact, the air in your home may actually be dirtier than the air found outdoors.

Windows and doors are often kept closed during the winter to preserve warmth, then kept closed again in the summer for the purpose of air conditioning. Since this could limit access to fresh air, it is advantageous to have an experienced HVAC team test your air quality.

HEPA Air Cleaner

One solution to dirty indoor air is the installation of a HEPA air cleaner. This type of filter removes dust, along with known allergens that exist in the atmosphere. A HEPA air cleaner also effectively removes odors, contaminants and chemicals that are typically found indoors.

Having a HEPA air cleaner is important as it helps those who have allergies. It can also help everyone in your household breathe better. Indoor air is cleansed as allergens enter the HEPA filter. Allergen particles are then effectively trapped in the filter. This permits only the free passage of clean air particles to pass through the HEPA filter and enter back into the room.

HEPA Air Cleaner Benefits

Here are some of the top benefits:

  • HEPA filters remove bacteria, dust and dust mites.
  • Outdoor pollens brought in from outdoors are trapped in the filter.
  • HEPA filters are able to remove particles as small as .3 micron.
  • A HEPA air cleaner is effective at removing 90% of unwanted microorganisms and bio-aerosols.
  • HEPA filters can be easily installed, either as mounted or free-standing units

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