Signs Your Thermostat Needs to be Replaced

You’ll know when your climate control system is on the fritz because it will function erratically or refuse to turn on. The thermostat will also catch your attention when it starts to fail. For this reason, you may have trouble determining the cause of your heating or cooling problems. Should you replace your entire setup or just the component that gives you the power to control your home’s indoor climate? Be on the lookout for these telltale signs.

1. System Won’t Respond to Your Settings

Your indoor environment should get hot or cold every time you raise or lower the temperature. If it doesn’t, chances are you’re experiencing one of the most common thermostatic problems. No need to worry because you have several solutions that you can try before hiring a licensed technician. Hopefully, your thermostat will work right with a new battery. Depending on how old the component is, you may come across loose screws, corroded wires or an even bigger issue. The sooner you let a professional replace it, the quicker you can put an end to this headache.

2. Temperature Level Is Different in Some Rooms

What makes the thermostat so convenient is the fact that it enables you to establish a comfortable atmosphere throughout your home. You lose this ability when the component becomes unresponsive or inefficient. If the climate control system constantly turns on and off. Don’t be shocked if you notice that some rooms are hotter than others when this happens. The faulty thermostat needs to be replaced. Thankfully, the highly skilled technicians at Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. are on standby to tackle the installation. We do it all for our valued customers in Anaheim, CA, so let us know if you’re also interested in zoning systems, duct designs or attic insulation.

If you’re dealing with the two problems listed above, we have a turnkey solution for your home. We’ll also have you covered if you need heating or cooling services or a brand-new air quality system. Call Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. today to learn more about your options.