Save Money on Heat This Winter With a Zoning System

Saving money is always among our customers’ top priorities when it comes to heating their homes and places of business. If you are renovating your current HVAC system or considering options to install in a new construction, zone systems are among the most energy-efficient HVAC configurations. Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Anaheim, CA, has created this list of seven ways a zoning system can save you money.

Zone Systems Consume Less Energy

Zoning works by heating and cooling each individual room with its own unit. These systems don’t require traditional ducts, which typically leak conditioned air throughout the process of transferring the air throughout the home.

Smaller Systems Save Money

Because zoning requires less energy usage, zone systems are comparatively smaller than other HVAC systems. Smaller systems are also generally easier to install, which will also save you money on installation costs.

Zoning Systems Allow You to Control Your Energy Consumption

Chances are some rooms in your home remain unoccupied for extended periods of time. Zone configurations allow you to heat individual rooms only when you need to. For example, if you have a guest bedroom, a zone system will allow you to conserve energy by not heating that room unless someone is utilizing it.

Zoning Prevents Wear and Tear on Your System

Traditional systems are subjected to wear and tear whether you require heat in one room or if you require heating in every room in your home. Because zone systems only power on in the exact location you require heating, your system will avoid unnecessary wear and tear and ultimately last longer.

Zoning Systems Do Not Require Central Thermostat Adjustments

Traditional HVAC systems require adjustment via a thermostat. Each time you or someone else in your household adjusts your thermostat, your system consumes energy. If multiple people live in your home, chances are each person has a different temperature preference. Members of your household may adjust your thermostat several times a day and contribute to increased energy consumption. Zoning systems are controlled by their individual units. Therefore, each person can enjoy their room temperature according to their preference without manipulating a central thermostat.

Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots

There may be some areas in your home that become too hot or too cold. When you spend time in these areas, you are more likely to adjust your home’s central thermostat to compensate for the hot or cold zone. Zoning allows each area to have its own thermostat, which reduces the risk of temperature extremes developing in specific areas in your home.

Efficiently Heat New Additions

Zoning is typically a very efficient, cost-effecting means of heating an add-on. If your home has zoning, heating the newly added room is simply a matter of installing an individual unit in the room. In homes that have traditional ductwork, the room will likely be uncomfortable unless an HVAC professional connects the new room to the existing system by adding additional ductwork. Even in cases where homeowners add the necessary ductwork to connect a newly added area in their home, the potential for uneven heating and cooling in the new space remains a potential concern.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Zoning?

While cost is a primary consideration, we always encourage our Orange County HVAC customers to consider other factors before making the decision to make the switch to zoning. If you aren’t looking to make a major investment in a new HVAC system, there are more affordable ways to save energy. Making the switch to zoning requires purchasing equipment for each room you’d like to heat and cool. Therefore, we usually recommend zoning to customers who are constructing a home, doing a major renovation, or otherwise in a position to completely replace their existing system due to age or extensive mechanical disrepair. Zoning systems are also not ideal for pairing with a programmable thermostat. Because each room has its own unit, you would most likely need to purchase several programmable thermostats and operate them separately to maintain each zone at your desired temperature level.

Professional HVAC Contractor in Anaheim, Fullerton, and Surrounding Areas

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