Rooftop Air Conditioner vs. A Side-Yard Air Conditioner

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day of work to a living room cooled by air conditioning. However, before you can enjoy this luxury, there are a couple of steps of setting it up. First, you need to choose an AC at a store and purchase it. Then, you have to think about installation and the best practices of managing the air conditioner.

Let’s focus on that important moment of choosing the best unit for your home. There are two main types of AC units on the market: rooftop air conditioners and side-yard air conditioners. Here are some crucial differences and similarities between the two that will help you to make the final decision.

Similarities Between Rooftop and Side-Yard ACs

These two AC units share several similarities. Here’s a closer look at price, endurance, and features of these two types of cooling systems.

Price: The costs are comparable. For either type, you can find both expensive and inexpensive models, so there’s not much of a discrepancy in cost overall. By talking with the AC technicians at Anaheim, CA, to find out the best local deals, you can secure an affordable air conditioning system no matter what type you’re looking for.

Endurance: These two types of units are also comparable in strength. Although rooftop units are sometimes perceived to be slightly weaker, it’s really a negligible difference in the grand scheme of things. Both models can easily handle any reasonably hot temperature in the summer. You might only run into limitations in severe heat waves, but at that point, you’re probably being cautious about overheating anyway. In extreme temperatures, both types of AC units need to be used in moderation to prevent overheating and permanent damage to the appliance. No matter how durable the air conditioner is, straining and pushing its limit to the maximum is a recipe for disaster.

Features: Both types feature roughly the same settings. While there might not be a direct one-to-one comparison between the two, there’s always a comparable setting that gives the same effect. Although the buttons might be named differently, don’t worry about lacking crucial features with one model or the other. You can always cool your house on demand.

Differences Between Rooftop and Side-Yard ACs

There are a couple of key differences between these two types of cooling systems. One of these differences might make you decide which one you want to install in your Anaheim home.

Space: Rooftop units take up less space than side-yard units. Not only are they compact, but they exist on the roof of your house. This means you don’t have to dedicate extra space in your backyard or driveway for this appliance. Rooftop units are also very easy to maintain. Because all of the components are located in the upper part of your residence, you won’t need to go searching for the source of the problem. As long as you have easy access to your roof, a rooftop unit is about as convenient as they come.

Protection: On the other hand, side-yard air conditioners are a little more protected from the elements. You can position the unit next to other appliances or under the shelter of a tarp or canopy if needed. It won’t be exposed to the sun, and it also won’t be bombarded by bird droppings, branches, and other debris. It’s really a matter of the layout of your house and whether your roof or backyard is more secure.

Remember, AC units are prone to overheating in the extreme heat of the summer. Even if it doesn’t overheat, the device will be consuming more energy when it has to work overtime. This adds to your electric bill and allows for less cooling overall, so it’s important to choose a shady spot.

We Can Help You to Choose the Right AC Unit

Overall, you need to weigh these similarities and differences and select the best air conditioner for your home. By doing so, you’ll maximize the appliance’s efficiency and evenly disperse cooling throughout the house. It will also be easier to manage on a weekly basis, and maintenance won’t be a problem in case it does break down.

In order to choose the right AC unit, it’s a good idea to turn to professionals like those at Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Anaheim. We have a team of experts that will assess the layout of your house and identify which model is best for your needs. Keep in mind that we also provide other services like attic insulation, ductwork, and heater installation, so we can handle all of your HVAC requests. Contact us today so that we can set you up with an amazing air conditioner!