Preparing Your Thermostat for Heating Season

As cool temperatures move into Orange County during fall and winter, you’ll feel the urge to turn on your furnace to keep your home comfortable. However, there’s more to the process than just turning the dial on your thermostat from cooling to heating. Before the cold weather hits, you’ll want to make sure your thermostat is ready. Here are a couple of easy steps to prepare your thermostat for the heating season.

1. Freshen Up Your Thermostat Batteries

If you have a modern programmable thermostat, chances are it’s battery-powered. We recommend freshening up the batteries a few times a year, especially before the start of the heating season. Dead batteries can cause your thermostat to stop communicating with the furnace, which means the furnace won’t switch on to heat your home.

2. Does the Heating Setting Work?

Dead batteries aren’t the only thing that can cause your thermostat to freeze up. Loose wires inside the thermostat panel can also break the communication between the device and your heater. Most homeowners catch this issue when they first switch the thermostat from cooling to heating and nothing happens. Luckily, this is easy to fix — simply open up the thermostat’s faceplate and double-check that the wires are secure.

3. Schedule a Professional Tune-Up

Your thermostat is just one part of your home’s heating system, and the entire system should be checked to ensure it’s functioning at peak performance. During the tune-up, professional technicians will test the thermostat calibration for accuracy and ensure the wiring looks good.

Reliable Heating and Thermostat Services in Orange County

Is your thermostat ready for the heating season? If not, no worries — it’s never too late to prepare! Once you’ve freshened up your thermostat’s batteries and double-checked that your furnace can turn on, give us a call to schedule your furnace maintenance. A pre-winter tune-up is a key step in getting your home’s heating system ready for the cool weather. At Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., our technicians also offer expert heating repairs, installation, and replacements in Anaheim.

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