How Important is Having the Correct Size Cooling System?

When considering what size air conditioner to purchase for your home, you want to buy one that’s the correct size. You don’t want to buy one that’s too big or too small, as doing so will result in negative consequences.

How the Right Size of Air Conditioner Is Determined

When you decide to have an AC unit installed in your house, a technician from the heating and cooling company will perform some calculations. They’ll need to determine what your property’s cooling load is so that the right size of air conditioner is selected.

The factors they take into account include:
  • Square footage
  • Floor plan
  • Orientation of your house
  • Number of floors
  • Number of rooms
  • Number and types of doors and windows
  • Type and amount of insulation
  • Daytime heat gain

Problems With Oversized Cooling Systems

An oversized air conditioner will cause a few expensive problems. First, it will cool your house too quickly. This results in short-cycling. Short-cycling is the term for when an air conditioner turns on and off constantly. An oversized AC unit will blast air into your residence until the desired temperature is reached. It will then quickly turn off, only to soon turn on again. An air conditioning system that short-cycles will drive up your electricity bills. Since it’s turning on and off all the time, it will also never operate efficiently.

Air conditioners dehumidify your home. One that’s oversized won’t be able to properly dehumidify your house because it won’t be on long enough to do so.

An AC unit that’s too large for your property will likely require frequent repairs, too. You’ll have to replace the air filters often. It can also cause your ducts to become leaky, which will further drive up the cost of cooling your residence.

An oversized air conditioner will rapidly break down as well. You’ll need to replace it far sooner than if you had the right-sized air conditioner for your home. Air conditioners are expensive to have installed, so this isn’t a good situation to find yourself in.

Issues With Undersized Cooling Systems

An undersized AC unit will also cost you much more than one that’s the correct size. It will have to fight hard to get your home to your desired temperature since it won’t have enough power.

An air conditioner that’s undersized will also have to run constantly to cool your house. This will drive up your electricity bills, as your appliance will consume a great deal of power.

Just like with an oversized cooling system, an undersized one will quickly wear down. You’ll likely have to pay for regular repairs, and your air conditioner’s lifespan will be far shorter than if you had bought the right-sized one from the start.

Benefits of a Properly Sized Cooling System

A cooling system that’s the correct size for your property will operate efficiently. This will save you money on your electricity bills. The money you save is significant, as cooling your home is about half of your electricity bills during the summer.

A correctly sized AC unit will properly dehumidify your home, too. Your house will be comfortable and the air will be healthier when it’s within the correct range of humidity levels.

An air conditioner that’s the right size for your house can last its full lifespan. This is typically around 15 years, with ones that are lightly or moderately used lasting possibly twice as long. This is assuming it receives regular tune-ups.

It’s important to listen to licensed HVAC contractorS when they tell you what size air conditioning system is best for your property. Buying the right one will save you money, make your residence more comfortable and be durable. You’ll have worry-free operation of your air conditioning system for a very long time.

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