Common Air Leaks in a Home

Common Air Leaks in a Home

How To Detect Air Leaks

Whether the heat of a scorching summer or the chill of winter is setting in, having a properly functioning heating and cooling system in your home will help keep you comfortable. Aside from creating an uncomfortable environment, a faulty system can be a drain on finances since leaks can raise utility bills.

Doors, windows, and walls are all susceptible to leakage. In particular, leaks commonly occur around boards and electrical outlets. Some simple tests can be performed to find out if your house is losing valuable hot or cold air.

Hand Test

Choose a day that’s particularly warm or cold for this test. Weather-dependent, turn your system on a higher setting. Place your hand around edges of entryways, vents, windows, and floorboards and try to feel the change in temperature. If you feel cold or hot air, depending on what you’re checking, then you likely have a leak. This is suitable to find larger leakage.

Depressurize Your Home

Turn off your AC on a cooler day, or do this test in early morning hours when the air outside is generally cooler. Make sure all windows and doors are closed. In your kitchen and bathroom, turn on the fans. Using a smoldering stick or incense, walk around your home holding the stick over edges of windows and doors. If the smoke blows in the house or is being sucked out, there’s a leak.

Hire a Contractor

One of the most reliable and obvious ways to find leaks is to hire a professional HVAC contractor. Trained technicians use devices such as blower door fans that can remove the air from your home. They’ll check everything from plumbing openings to air ducts and harder-to-reach places like ceiling joists. This method can be more reliable, as technicians have a good deal of experience finding leaks.

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