Balancing Temperature Differences in Your Home

When you walk into your kitchen, is the temperature the same as the rest of the house? What about your bedroom? Are their places in your home where you notice a significant temperature difference?

If you are constantly searching for the perfect temperature by adjusting your thermostat every time you walk into a room, there is a better solution.

Let’s review some simple ways to reach a balanced temperature throughout your entire home:

Size Up Your System

First, let’s remember, your current HVAC system can only provide proper heating/cooling coverage, if it’s the correct size.

If the system is too small, it will not have the power to service each area of your home. If the system is too big, it will cycle too often, causing the unit to use more energy and require an early replacement.

A technician can inspect the system and provide homeowners’ a consultation to ensure their home’s system matches up with their heating & cooling needs.

Duct Dimensions

Like the human body’s circulatory system, the foundation of a HVAC system is the ductwork. That’s why it is very important that ducts are the correct size for your specific home. They need to be able to properly carry treated air to all rooms of the house.

Many homeowners opt for smaller ducts to save money, but their system won’t be able to carry enough treated air throughout the home. This forces the unit to work harder, without being able to condition enough air. A technician can evaluate the size and effectiveness of your ducts during a maintenance inspection.

Look at Your Layout

Temperature differences can be attributed to your home’s layout. In order to achieve your desired level of comfort, it may be time to speak with an ALPS technician about installing a custom zoning system, to provide the right temperature when and where you want it.

If you are experiencing temperature differences in your home, we can help! Contact us today for a consultation!