5 HVAC Sounds That Should Be Investigated

Ideally, your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system should be silent. When the system starts getting loud or starts to sound like it’s in terrible pain, it may be time to call our professionals at Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. of Anaheim, CA. Here are the five sounds you should be on the alert for:

1. Squeals From an Oil Furnace

This can mean that the motor that drives the air blower is low on oil. If the unit still squeals after the oil cups have been refilled, call us.

2. Squeals From a Gas Furnace

This could mean that the blower belt is loose or that the bearings need lubrication. If the squeals continue after the belt is adjusted and the bearings have been oiled, give our professionals at Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. a call.

3. Rumbling From a Gas Furnace

This could mean a couple of things. Your furnace could have a bad pilot light. If it still rumbles when the burners are on, it indicates that the burners are dirty. Call us to have the burners cleaned and the pilot light adjusted.

4. Gurgling From a Room Air Conditioner

Gurgling from your room unit is sometimes accompanied by water dripping from its front panel. This usually means that the unit isn’t at the right pitch away from the house and that the condensate is coming out the front instead of the condensate drain at the back of the unit. That’s something we can easily fix.

5. The System Is Simply Too Loud

A system that is so loud that you have to shout to be heard over it indicates that it has seen better days and may need to be replaced. Loudness is a sign that everything in the AC or the heating unit is working a little too hard.

Call Us for HVAC Services in Anaheim

If you live in the Anaheim area and your HVAC system is making weird and/or overly loud noises, our technicians at Alps Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. are ready to help. We’ll not only repair the problem, but we’ll also tell you up front if your rackety system needs to be replaced by our team. Ask us about our air duct replacement, our attic insulation services, our indoor air quality tests and our upgrades, too. Call us today.